Reduce Energy Consumption
Optimal decision making and control to reduce waste and energy consumption
Production Optimization
Optimize your production processes. Increase production yield and reduce production costs.
Reduce Asset Downtime
Super Intelligent Machine Monitoring. Prevent downtime and reduce costs from unscheduled maintenance.

Machine Learning for Enterprise Manufacturing

Traditional analytics softwares and systems have failed to solve process improvement challanges faced by industries. 

We help companies optimize their production processes by bringing Artificial Intelligence into their manufacturing operations. Our actionable machine learning software helps industrial and manufacturing facilities maximize output and minimize waste.   


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Artificial Intelligence for Industry 4.0

State-of-the-art Machine Learning software to help your facility maximize efficiency and minimize waste

sherazshuaib_production optimization


Predict and prevent production quality issues before they happen. Reduce your production costs by lowering the number of recalls and reworks using our Intelligent ML powered Quality solution. 


Production Optimization

Increase yield and capacity of your existing infrastructure using the power of our cutting edge machine learning software and your data. 

sherazshuaib_energi consumption reduction


Forecast future energy consumption and understand what actions and variables impact the consumption in the future. Use our Intelligent ML based control system to reduce overall consumption.

Aegasis Platform

Aegasis provides easy to use GUI interface. Our platform can be deployed in cloud and on premise. Using our platform you can 

Create digital twins for new processes and assets

Manage data connections

Use actionable intelligence for process optimization

Visualize future consumption patterns and control information for operators

Get enterprise visibility: Zoom in and out from machine to plant to enterprise and much more

Why Aegasis Technologies?

Actionable Intelligence

Aegasis’s Machine Learning software provides actionable intelligence. Our software provides corrective and control actions within the safety constraints defined by operators which can be used to improve processes and your desired KPIs. This results in direct improvement of your plant’s operations. 

Continuous Learning

Unlike traditional analytics and other machine learning solutions, our machine learning algorithms keep humans in the loop and continuously learn from feedback and new data. This allows the AI models to get better over time and achieve higher optimization performance. 

Extensible & Scalable

Our platform allows additional capabilities to be added for individual plants and production lines. These might include other use cases for optimization in industrial plants. The system can easily scale for new processes and assets without any data science expertise.