Our story​

Coming from a manufacturing background, our founders saw how lack of intelligent software for automation and optimization impacts the quality, throughput and increases the cost of operations. 

Aegasis Technologies was founded with the idea that data from Industrial plants can be leveraged for optimizing industrial processes and improving yield, quality and reducing waste with intelligent actionable machine learning. 


Manufacturing facilities are failing to scale and operate at optimal levels. Traditional legacy Rule based systems have failed to scale and solve process improvement challenges faced by industrial facilities. We are on a mission to bring machine learning in the Industrial sector and solve manufacturing’s next biggest challenges.


Our vision is to build the next generation of AI solutions for automation and productivity. Intelligent Machine Learning for Industry will enable semi-autonomous factories which will make way for fully autonomous factories of the future. We want our technology and products to enable that in the future. 


Putting our customers and partners at the centre of everything is what differentiates us from our competitors. Our goal is to generate the most value for our customers by building the most advanced technological solutions for their problems.



Shehroze Bhatti

Chief Executive Officer

Shehroze holds a MS in Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning from Oxford University. His academic research focused on optimization and control problems using machine learning for vision based systems. He has published a number of papers on Machine Learning and Computer Vision. 

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Tom Scott


Head of AI

Tom holds a Ph.D. in Machine Learning from Manchester University. His academic research was focused on Bayesian Hierarchical Multi-task Learning. Tom has published a number of research papers and has build AI systems at companies like Facebook. 

Natasha Nisar

Machine Learning Engineer

Natasha holds a MS in Artificial Intelligence from University of Warwick. Prior to joining Aegasis, she was building and deploying Machine Learning and AI solution in range of different industry verticals. 

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Richard Mayfield

Machine Learning Engineer

Richard holds a MS in AI from University of Edinburgh. His academic research was focused on search algorithms for huge state spaces. 

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Ali Hussain

Data Scientist

Ali holds a MS in Machine Learning from University College London. His academic research was focused on Predictive Maintenance and Quality solutions for the Industrial Sector. 

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Shehraz Ali

Head of Engineering

Shehraz has  a background in software engineering. He has built scalable software systems in a range of different industries ranging from Finance to Industrial Sector. He is very passionate about building scalable intelligent systems for Industrial Sector.



Varun Kanade

Professor of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at Oxford University


Mark Herbster

Professor of Machine Learning at University College London