Industrial machine learning software designed to optimize industrial processes for higher yield and quality and lower production costs. 

Suboptimal decision making and control in industrial facilities leads to process inefficiencies which damage production quality, yield and results in high production costs and low OEE. Traditional process improvement systems fail to solve process improvement challenges faced by Industrial facilities. 

Our AI software uses data to learn how your facility operates and how processes can be optimized for higher yield, quality and lower production costs. 

Production Optimization

Production process inefficiencies have a direct impact on product quality and yield. Traditional process improvement systems have failed to solve process improvement challenges. With our intelligent Machine Learning software process engineers and plant operators can

Predict and prevent process inefficiencies,

Use actionable insights and control actions to increase yield and cut production costs 

Automatically detect and prevent machine and asset failures


Increase Yield and Capacity 


Improve quality metrics

Predict and prevent quality issues

Hidden factors can affect the quality of products, increase production costs and ultimately affect deliveries. Using Aegasis you can now

Predict quality issues and perform root cause analyses in real time,

Prevent quality issues with realtime actionable intelligence

Minimize scrap, rework and warranty claims by preventing quality issues and rework calls

Energy optimization

Process inefficiencies can result in resource wastage and high energy consumption. This can increase production costs. With our AI software you can

Predict future energy consumption

Understand root cause of increase / decrease in future consumption patterns

Understand key factors and take actions to reduce energy consumption

Achieve optimal set point values with realtime autonomous control


Reduce Energy consumption