Machine Learning to predict and prevent quality issues in realtime. 

Hidden factors can affect the quality of products and increase production costs because of high rework and recall rates. Root cause analysis is often performed on historical data which does not take into affect the current states and factors therefore traditional analytics software fail to improve quality challanges faced by industrial plants

Increase Production Quality

Predict when production quality issues are likely to happen and prevent them with actionable intelligence and realtime control actions. With Aegasis you can 

Predict quality of production continuously 

Identify inputs and variables that affect the overall quality

Take corrective actions to increase quality


Acquire, Analyze and Act

Aegasis allows you to model different processes in production lines. With realtime data streaming the software continuously predicts the quality of your production. With Aegasis you can 


Identify Identify inputs and variables that affect the overall quality

Take corrective actions to increase quality

Allow easy integration with your data historian to stream data in realtime for actionable machine

Integration of our intelligent control system with your facility’s control system to automate optimization of process and control values within the safety constraints defined by you


Easily create digital twins of processes and assets and scale for new production lines and plants with our easy to use scalability feature. You don’t have to master data science or machine learning in order to do this. Our scalable software allows you to 

Easily scale to new processes, production lines and plants by creating digital twins using our easy to use software interface

Get Enterprise visibility. Zoom in and out from machine to process to plant. 


Our cutting edge machine learning software comes in an easy to use interface which is available on cloud or on premise. The platform offers

Actionable insights and control actions for operators

Realtime root cause analyses

Realtime visibility of existing and upcoming predictive quality issues

Future prediction of metrics and KPIs for identification of anticipated issues

Summary view for operators

and much more


Our quality solution captures your manufacturing and quality control knowhow and helps your facility


Production Quality

Asset Utilization


Reduce your operational and production costs by using our Industrial Machine Learning software to reduce

Rework, scrap and quality issues

Production costs

Delivery times