Why Aegasis

Intelligent control for Industrial plants

Our Actionable Machine Learning software is designed for optimization and industrial control. Our Machine Learning technology enables safe decision making and control working within the safety constraints unique to each plant. Our solutions keep humans in the loop and continuously evolve with new data and human feedback. 

Intelligent Control

Machine Learning is only valuable when it can be directly used for improving the performance of industrial facilities and plants. Unlike traditional manufacturing analytics software, our cutting-edge machine learning technology delivers realtime control actions for processes. Realtime control actions and actionable intelligence enable operators to directly improve their desired KPIs and metrics. 

Safe & Accurate

Our intelligent machine learning system works within your safety constraints. Unlike other machine learning systems, our technology shows the impact of different states and inputs on the final optimization objective you care about. The system also generates confidence scores making it easier to know when to trust these models and when to trust your expertise.

sherazshuaib_safe decision making

Scalable & Extensible

Unlike other Machine Learning solutions, our platform and technology make scaling very easy. Operators can easy create digital models of their processes and assets and expand into other production lines and facilities using our easy to use interface. No prior data science or machine learning experience is required. 

Continuous learning

Our Machine Learning system when deployed continuously learns and improves over time as it is fed with more feedback and data. This removes the need for manual retraining. This enables the system to achieve more performance for your desired KPIs and optimization objectives. 


We will help you unlock the value of your production data

Data Readiness Audit

Manufacturer’s often do not fully understand the condition of their data. Often manufacturers do not collect and store the right kind of data that is essential for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Data is the key for our Machine Learning and AI powered solutions. 

The quality of manufacturer’s data and it’s readiness to be used for advanced Machine Learning based digital twin creation is often evaluated after a project is started. We have created a Data Readiness Audit for Manufacturer’s to better understand the quality of their data and its ability to create value and business impact.

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